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  • Raves:
    Praise expressed with strong positive emotions. If you found yourself writing words like, “Superb, Fantastic, Best Trip of my Life,” it’s a rave. Expressions of strong positive feeling towards trip planners, guides, hotel personnel, drivers etc. also make it a rave.
  • Praise:
    Positive feedback that does not contain strong emotion.
  • Constructive Criticism:
    Negative feedback that either implicitly or explicitly points the way to how to improve.
  • Complaint:
    Negative feedback that does not point the way to how to improve. “The food was mediocre,” is a complaint. “The food was too salty,” is constructive criticism.
  • Bitter compliant:
    Negative feedback that does not point the way to how to improve expressed with strong emotion. “I was insulted that you served me that slop,” is a bitter complaint.

Feedback can include more than one kind of feedback. For example, sometimes we get a rave and a complaint in the same sentence. If what you have written includes more than one type of feedback check the boxes for all the categories that apply. If the feedback falls between two categories, put it in the less positive category.